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AGlaze New Zealand. The Surface Protection Specialists

AGlaze New Zealand produce specialist protective sealant coatings for all types of painted surface, fibre glass gel coats, plastics, glass, textiles and leather. Our products are used in a variety of fields including the Automotive, Aviation, Marine, Caravan, Motorhome & Glazing Industries.

We provide easy to use systems for cleaning, polishing and protecting all types of painted, GRP gel coat, PVCu, polycarbonate and glass surfaces from common causes of degradation and colour fading – ultra violet light – acid rain – atmospheric pollution – salt – snow – bird lime.


Please note AGlaze brand is not associated with any other brands perceived to be selling similar AGlaze products in New Zealand. Kenier and Kelvin’s Marine are the only authorised distributors in New Zealand.

AGlaze New Zealand. The Surface Protection Specialists

AGlaze New Zealand is the only paint sealant product that carries the necessary Boeing and Airbus certification for the use on aircraft and is used by the worlds major airlines to protect their aircraft’s paintwork from the harsh environment at high altitudes. By using AGlaze the paint life of a long haul airliner will be more than doubled, as well as being far easier to keep clean and reducing down time.

AGlaze New Zealand is used extensively in the marine industry and carries approval from Sunseeker and Fairline. It has proven to be extremely effective in preventing the damage caused to fibreglass gel coats and pained surfaces, by the sun and salt water.